Thematic travel. What the heck is it, and why it’s about to be the coolest travel trend.

July 16, 2014

The family road trip. 


I immediately envision National Lampoons Vacation, circa 1983, where the Griswold’s set off


on a cross country trip in search of the fictional amusement park, Walley World.

The movie was pure comedic genius and became an instant box office smash because almost everyone could relate to one or more of the mishaps the family faced along the way.
Road trips have been put together by thousands upon thousands of families or groups of friends who set off to a destination and try to “map it out” along the way. Utilizing countless resources, guides and maps, many have ventured out to explore new cities and states.
But who has the time nowadays? A few quick searches on some traveler tip forums and you think you’ve got the best recommendations for the best places right? 


No. Actually, you couldn’t be more wrong.


Say hello to brite spokes. brite spokes was born as the result of travelers wanting much more than the typical weekend getaway or family outing.


At the core, it is a group of individuals that work on your behalf to build the kind of trip you would build if you had the time to pour over online articles, call family, colleagues and friends of friends who know someone who once lived somewhere and knows the best restaurant that only the locals know about and can hook you up with the craziest activity because “they know a guy.”

The kind of trip people actually want to hear all about when you get back.


Think about it. Someone else doing all the legwork, homework and overall “roadwork” for you. A customized itinerary based around YOUR interests, wants and likes. 


Ever want to learn how to drift and rally race? And also have the opportunity to have dinner with the very race car pro that you drove with?

Or, for the foodies and craft beer connoisseurs. A weekend where you drink and they’ll drive. Sampling some of the best brews created in the good ol’ U S of A.
Pub crawling & app noshing at it’s finest.


Thematic travel is for those who are looking for much more than the typical trip. brite spokes is for those who truly want to have an unforgettable experience. 


Family truckster not included.

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