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Destinations Of Distinctions LLC  is a source of business for some of the finest intimate, luxurious and independent travel products throughout the world. We proudly represent travel destinations by land, sea and air.

We have been successfully stimulating the USA marketplace for over 30 years with creative sales & marketing maneuvers catering to USA travel professionals and their discerning clients. 

Meet our Team

We run three generations deep and have been family owned and operated since 2001. Our reputation has been built over a continued industry presence for over 30+ years. 

Phyllis Sauter

Founder and President

Esteemed travel industry veteran Phyllis Sauter began her career in 1983 and founded Destinations Of Distinctions LLC in 2001. She has built the firm's reputation through strong industry relations and a proven track record for success. Case study: While a Caribbean destination was pacing down double-digits out of the USA, Phyllis’ client outpaced the destination and ended the year with 10% year over year growth. She has played an essential part in strengthening awareness and generating sales for some of the finest intimate, unique and luxury products around the world. Phyllis leads the firm's consulting department and plays an integral role in the formation of strategic marketing plans customized to fit the needs and wants of her clients. We call her Wonder Woman…and have the picture to prove it.

Kristen Moore


Kristen began her marketing career with IBM in 2007 and shifted gears into the travel industry following the economic recession of 2009. Previously, she extended her education with a Master’s Degree in International Relations & Public Policy at Monmouth University where she honed her craft of public speaking. She has cultivated valuable relationships among top tier industry partners and travel advisors and focuses on driving revenue through all valuable channels of the marketplace. She was awarded first place with Travel Agent Magazine as Top Supplier Sales Rep of 2015 and won the gold Travvy Award in 2016 for Rising Star in Hotels/Resorts. Kristen leads the team with strategic maneuvers both on the ground and online which ensures all our clients receive top level bespoke services around the clock. What she’s known for? Top level training sessions that catapult our clients to household names.


Heather Turner-Grob

Business Development Coordinator

Heather is the newest member of our award winning team.  She comes to us as a “retired” celebrity hairstylist/personal assistant who has traveled the country via tour bus serving her music industry clientele. In those years she managed day-to-day personal assisting and hair styling needs for her clients; including making sure all was needed in the greenroom for the entire tour staff,  on-site TV shows, red carpet, awards shows and magazines. Heather left the industry when she married her Husband, George and thus “retired” from the touring life. Opening a new chapter…

After “retiring” from the music industry, Heather opened her own salon managing the day to day needs of her clients, staff and business. Heather still owns a small, one-on-one private luxury hair studio in New Jersey, where you can find her practicing her craft on her weekend time outside of her role with Destinations of Distinction. 

As a mom of two kiddos (Claire and George), you can imagine she has utilized her well-equipped skills of multi-tasking, time management and catering to the extreme demands of her littles. 

In her role with us, Heather is responsible for managing day to day activities including travel agency appointments, trainings, sales missions, luxury & learn events and our roadshows. She ensures our office runs smoothly, oversees administrative support and is our "control tower."

Kristal Roach

Sales and Marketing Strategist

Kristal is an enthusiastic, charismatic and determined marketing graduate from the University of Liverpool in England. Her career began in the beauty industry and moved from there into luxury hospitality, working with NY companies such as The One Group and Rivington Hospitality Group where she specialised in implementing digital marketing strategy across all channels including eCRM, editorial, display and social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). She has travelled to almost every continent, discounting Antarctica but it remains on the bucket list! Kristal joined the Destinations of Distinction team in October 2018 as our sales & marketing strategist, taking the lead on agency engagement from sales calls to trade shows. She is also responsible for managing our YouTube channel!


We are lucky enough to be in an industry of trendsetters, go-getters and innovators. Therefore we are both humbled and honored to be recognized as a leader in our trade 
and we were the only independent representation firm to win all three prestigious awards.

2017 Silver Magellan Award by Travel Weekly  "Hospitality Marketing - Website Design"

First place as the “2016 Rising Star in the Hotel/Resorts” category at the Travvy Awards hosted by TravAlliancemedia

First place by Travel Agent Magazine as “Top Supplier Sales Rep for 2015” 


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”

-Helen Keller        


  We are honored to be Preferred Partners with the below prestigious organizations and have formed indelible relationships within in this great industry.



We aim to not only educate the travel agency community but excite and inspire them with YOUR story. At the core, we are innovative storytellers and strategic marketers, immersing top travel industry professionals into the destinations and overall experiences our unique clients offer.


Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. Define your brand by differentiating yourself from the competition. How? We can help you develop a well-defined and executed brand strategy that will affect all aspects of your sales and marketing success in the luxury travel space. It’s directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments. Let us help you design a bespoke brand strategy that incorporates all key aspects of your travel product focusing on customer acquisition; increased revenue and continued marketplace presence!


Our expertise both on the ground and online will offer you an arsenal of tools at your fingertips. You can expect continued exposure to top producing travel agencies across the USA and parts of Canada. We don’t believe in just dropping off a brochure & business card. Your product will have a strong voice through our proven educational strategies; arming top level travel advisors with the knowledge to sell your product with confidence.

Sales & Marketing

Our sales & marketing practices have awarded our clients continued marketplace presence among top level travel industry professionals. Whether it’s our day to day sales activities, coordination of roadshows, hosting exclusive invite-only industry events or placement in our e-marketing campaigns, your travel product will have a strong voice and achieve a stand-out position among the competition.

Social Media

Is your brand being represented the way you want it to on social media? Visuals play an important part in social media branding. If each of your profiles looks like they’re owned by a different company, it creates a disconnect for your users. We have a dedicated content management team who will grow your audience organically, strategically and successfully. Measure and track your audience engagement and start generating genuine leads today while incorporating a streamlined brand message across the board. Social media has taken over the world. Ready to hop on?

 Now that you have sipped the wine are you ready to savor the meal? Welcome to the next level of your success. Reach out to us today for a deep dive into how we can grow your USA business and what makes us one of the best in the industry.



Destinations Of Distinctions LLC has the privilege of representing some of the finest and most luxurious travel product in the world. 
Our portfolio of hotels, resorts, villas, yachts and private jets offer the highest level of sophistication and indulgence. 

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